Episode 1: Hate and the Digital World

In this first episode of Hidden Hate, Neil and Amy are joined by Professor Matt Williams and Dr Ashton Kingdon to explore the extent and nature of cyberhate and online extremism. As the UK advances its Online Safety Bill, with far-reaching consequences for social media platforms’ responsibilities for abuse and harassment, the team asks how the digital landscape has shaped and facilitated hate crime, and how law enforcement, legislators, tech companies, and the public should respond.

Useful Links and Resources

The Science of Hate by Professor Matthew Williams (book)

Bystander Poster and Bystander Animation

Dr Cynthia Miller-Idriss – DUCC Online https://linktr.ee/ducc.online (website)

The Good Ally by Nova Reid (book)

Reactionary Democracy by Aurelien Mondon and Aaron Winter (book)

Enemies of the People hosted by Dr Maria Norris (podcast)

Yeah Nah Pasaran! hosted by Andy Fleming and Cam Smith (podcast)

Episode Transcript

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