Hidden Hate Trailer (Video)

Hidden Hate Trailer

Hidden Hate is a brand-new podcast from the Centre for Hate Studies at the University of Leicester. Within four episodes, we explore some difficult and topical questions about the causes and solutions associated with online and offline hate. Led by expert criminologists Professor Neil Chakraborti and Dr Amy Clarke, Hidden Hate will bring together a diverse range of voices from practitioners to activists to academics, to share their expertise and experiences and help shed light on some of these invisible issues.


šŸ“¢Episode 11 of Talking Teaching with Criminologists is out now. In this episode @NeilChakraborti talks to us about his journey through academia and explores issues around diversity and inclusion in teaching, learning and scholarship @BritSocCrim https://anchor.fm/talkteachcrim/episodes/Talking-Teaching-with-Criminologists---Prof-Neil-Chakraborti-e1o5ho4/a-a8ihi2f

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